[rrd-users] Graphing abritary events

Gerhardus.Geldenhuis at gta-travel.com Gerhardus.Geldenhuis at gta-travel.com
Tue Nov 25 18:50:31 CET 2008

We use rrdgraph to monitor our application response time and other and
can see corresponding increase/decrease in values relevant to quarterly
code releases. What I would like to do is represent distinct events on a
graph to enable me/others to easily associate rise and fall on the graph
with specific events. I could just plot it as a "background" fill with
the max value of the graph but I don't think it is a very flexible
solution. I am curious if anyone else has done something similar and how
you have achieved it, any screenshots would be great. 

What I would like would be to have a big red dot with some legend
attached that show up on the graph that can represent specific events in

Any thoughts and discussion would be appreciated.


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