[rrd-users] PHP bindings for rpm-based system

Karl Fischer rrd-users at ficos.de
Sun Nov 30 03:25:39 CET 2008

William R. Lorenz wrote:
> Hey Karl,
> On Sun, 30 Nov 2008, Karl Fischer wrote:
>>>>> You can find the php-rrdtool-*.rpm files at the following location:
>>>> Why do people continue to point people to the DAG repository which 
>>>> seems to be way outdated for me. I'm constantly looking for new 
>>>> rrdtool*rpms, but this place hasn't been updated over a year now ... 
>>>> Isn't there anything newer than that?
>>> There will be tomorrow. ;-)  What version(s) do you want?
>> Well, what I would love to have is the very last version of the 1.2 tree 
>> (1.2.28 + patch with the xport function fixed) as well as a recent 1.3.* 
>> all for CentOS 4 PS: I'm not only talking 'bout the php-bindings, but 
>> the entire rrdtool
> I have the latest 1.3.* stuff built for CentOS 5 and the latest Fedora 
> Core already -- I'll try do so some back-porting to RHEL/CentOS 4, also. 
> Last I built these for someone was a few weeks ago, and I remember there 
> were some compat issues on RHEL/CentOS 4 with the latest 1.3.* sources. 
> I'll take another look at that and see if I can't get it all packaged up.
> I just recently started following the rrdtool list recently, largely in 
> part due to a new project over here -- perhaps you could help me to better 
> understand the differences between the 1.2.* and 1.3.* branches?  Is there 
> a stable/development differentiation between the branches in versioning?

Well, I guess Tobi could contribute much more here, but from my perspective
I can say the following:

I'm using rrdtool for about a year now and I'm quite happy with the 1.2 tree.

For whatever reason when Tobi moved on to 1.3 he changed the underlying
graphing engine to cairo/pango and this creates a dependeny nightmare when
trying to compile/install on older systems like CentOS 4.

The 1.3 tree is supposed to be faster, but it had serious memory leeks in
the beginning (around June 08) and since I'm using it on production systems,
I was afraid to go to 1.3 ...

Also the only real advantage FOR ME would have been the ADDNAN function
which isn't available in 1.2, but there's ways to work around. Other than that,
I personally don't see anything that forces me to go from 1.2.28 to 1.3.x

There may be other advantages (actually I'm sure there are), but I probably
haven't found out about those so far - or they weren't important enough to
go that long way ...

This might be a task for the rrdtool webpage to clearly outline what the
differences between the versions are. Unfortunately the website always describes
the functions of the newest version with no reference to the version. So for
example in the description of the ADDNAN function not a single line tells you
that this doesn't exist in 1.2 - so when trying this, you can pull some of
your hair out until you find out why it doesn't work ...

- Karl

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