[rrd-users] Is rrdtool right for me?

Tom Vaughan tom at software6.net
Wed Apr 22 00:31:42 CEST 2009


I've read the documentation and tutorials at:
http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/. And I see that rrdtool requires data
at specific intervals, and that if data is not inserted at exactly the
right moment, then the data may be "altered" according to:

I have a system that takes measurements every 10 ms or so, and
performs calculations on these measurements anywhere between every 50
ms and 100 ms. For the purpose of discussion, let's just say that the
exact interval within this range is random. I need to be able to store
the measurements and calculations for later display and analysis. I
need to know exactly when the data was acted upon (by a measurement or
a calculation), and I need to have access to the exact data. So I
can't tell rrdtool at what exact intervals I plan to store data.

The data is structured. It's the same data set every time. And I need
to produce strip charts like rrdtool provides. I also need to do more
calculations on the data that is stored, which I think I can do easily
with RPN. I also need a data "storage" mechanism. Although I can't
overwrite the data as is done in typical round-robin fashion. But I
think I can just make a database that is large enough to never be

Is rrdtool the tool for me?



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