[rrd-users] Is rrdtool right for me?

Andy Riebs andy.riebs at hp.com
Wed Apr 22 01:03:02 CEST 2009


Your implicit assumption is correct: RRDtool is a great tool, but not
for this sort of task. Indeed, the data extrapolation is a big part of
what makes rrdtool so useful for tracking data such as network
throughput, web site hits, and so on.

Perhaps others on the list can suggest a good plotting tool that will
generate rrdtool-like graphics? Depending on the tool you select, the
database question might also be answered.


On Tue, 2009-04-21 at 22:31 +0000, Tom Vaughan wrote:
> Hi,
> I've read the documentation and tutorials at:
> http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/. And I see that rrdtool requires data
> at specific intervals, and that if data is not inserted at exactly the
> right moment, then the data may be "altered" according to:
> http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool-trac/wiki/RrdFaq#RRDtooldoesnotreturnwhatIputin.
> I have a system that takes measurements every 10 ms or so, and
> performs calculations on these measurements anywhere between every 50
> ms and 100 ms. For the purpose of discussion, let's just say that the
> exact interval within this range is random. I need to be able to store
> the measurements and calculations for later display and analysis. I
> need to know exactly when the data was acted upon (by a measurement or
> a calculation), and I need to have access to the exact data. So I
> can't tell rrdtool at what exact intervals I plan to store data.
> The data is structured. It's the same data set every time. And I need
> to produce strip charts like rrdtool provides. I also need to do more
> calculations on the data that is stored, which I think I can do easily
> with RPN. I also need a data "storage" mechanism. Although I can't
> overwrite the data as is done in typical round-robin fashion. But I
> think I can just make a database that is large enough to never be
> overwritten.
> Is rrdtool the tool for me?
> Thanks.
> -Tom
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