[rrd-users] Win2003, sheduled tasks, rrdupdate (offtop)

Larry Adams larryjadams at comcast.net
Sun Dec 20 18:01:49 CET 2009

Pavel Rubtsov wrote:
> Hi.
> Maybe offtop, but... who use rrdtool under win32? How you realise polling via sheduled tasks?
> If just shedule a .bat file it will be bliking black screen every "set" minuts. Its not good.
> So, anybody can tell me a good solution how to do it more slighty, without black screen blinking?
> I know, i can use third party tools, which hide widows, but it looks like a troyans or viruses... I don't want use it on my producion windows 2003 server...

Let the scheduled task run as the Local System account and then no more 
stinking blinking black boxes.

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