[rrd-users] How to Create the rrd that storeor update million of requests per second

nate rrdtool at aphroland.org
Fri Feb 13 17:45:53 CET 2009

Kashif Qazi wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have to store each request data to rrd database. the request granularity
> can be more or less than one million hits per second.
> can rrd support granularity in milli/micro seconds.
> how to create the rrd that can take one million samples per second is this
> possible.

I believe rrdtool has a maximum resolution of 1 update per second per
file. The amount of disk I/O required to do a million samples per second,
even if rrd's format did support it, are pretty astronomical.

What you probably want is some sort of entirely in-memory database,
I'm not sure what product to suggest.


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