[rrd-users] clear values from RRA

Levente Kovacs leventelist at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 00:13:25 CET 2009



I have another question. If you see my temperature sensor test site, you may
realize the very first values of the blue and green lines to be -60. It is
because my hardware has 3 ports, but only one (red) had an actual sensor
connected to it. The unconnected ports read out the minimum measurable value,
that is -60deg.

Anyways... I'd like to clear those values from my RRAs. How can I do it?
Shlould I write a perl script which modifys the XML dump? If I do so, and when
I restore the data... will the newly aquired data lost which were recorded
during the process of the XML?

Or is there any way inside the RRD system to do say "do this and that with
values smaler and/or larger then X".

Thank you for your help.

Levente Kovacs

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