[rrd-users] Get information from traffic

Steve ROUX sroux at apteo.com
Thu Jul 9 16:52:30 CEST 2009


I've a problem to get traffic information from rrd-tool. I use Cacti to 
monitor my network (see rrd graph on attached file) and if I execute 
this command on bash "#rrdtool lastupdate 
serveur_st-foy_traffic_in_27.rrd" , I obtain that :

    #rrdtool lastupdate serveur_st-foy_traffic_in_27.rrd
                               traffic_in traffic_out
        1247141111: 3037444102 66104081

I don't understand the signification of 3037444102 and 66104081? It's 
not bit/s ...

An another sample :

    #rrdtool fetch serveur_st-foy_traffic_in_27.rrd AVERAGE -r1  -s -6m
                               traffic_in         traffic_out
        1247141100: 3.5372309847e+05 1.0382666667e+01
        1247141400: nan nan

Thanks for your help,


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