[rrd-users] Upgraded to 1.3 - rrd files "too small"

Jurjen Oskam jurjen at stupendous.org
Wed May 20 20:27:20 CEST 2009

On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 09:11:47AM -0700, cchaffee wrote:

> I recently attempted to upgrade an old Cacti system which was using rrdtool
> 1.2 to the latest release of 1.3.  I downloaded the sources and built win32
> using vs2008 and it seems to run ok, except it complains that all of my old
> rrd files are too small.  This is what I get if I try to graph the output
> from one of the RRDs:
>    ERROR: 'xxx.rrd' is too small (should be 16915392 bytes)
> The actual file_len is 16915384 (8 bytes smaller).  I googled and searched
> the lists a bit but didn't see anyone else having this problem.  Could this
> be an artifact of my build environment, or is there some migration process I
> might have missed from v1.2 to 1.3?

I also experienced this problem (also on Windows), but didn't investigate
further and just wrote a script that used 1.2 to export the RRDs, and used
1.3 to import them again.

Jurjen Oskam

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