[rrd-users] Changing order if Datasources / rrdcached

Wolfgang Powisch powo at powo.priv.at
Sat Nov 21 02:00:12 CET 2009


In my monitoring application I'm using --template for all RRD updates.
Now I'm planning(forced) to use rrdcached for scaling/performance 
reasons and noticed that it doesn't support the template switch together 
with --daemon :

   Error message:
    "The caching daemon cannot be used together with templates yet."

I was checking all my different types of rrd files if the order of 
Datasources is consistent between them. Unfortunately they aren't due
to historical reasons ;-( , they all have the same Datasources in it
but not in the same order.

Now my questions:

1.) is it possible to modify the order of Datasources in a rrd file
     without export/xml-fidling/restore ?
     Nothing found in manpage of rrdtune.

2.) I haven't yet looked into rrdcached sources but supporting the
     template switch with the daemon sounds challenging.
     Otherwise the "not yet" in the error message promises the feature
     to be implemented in the near future .... does it ? ;-)

thx in advance for any feedback
regards, wolfgang

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