[rrd-users] Request help for the design of my graph

Jerome SCHEVINGT jerome at schevingt.com
Sat Oct 24 09:05:42 CEST 2009


i request your help ;=) i am very new on rrdtools,

actually, i create my graph with this command:

# Creation du graphe hebdomadaire
$RRDPATH/rrdtool graph $WWWDIR/ifweek.gif \
-t "Historique $TITRE sur une semaine" \
-v "bits/s" \
--alt-autoscale \
-w $LARG -h $HAUT \
--start $NOW1W \
--end $NOW \
CDEF:inaverage=downaverage,8,* \
CDEF:outaverage=upaverage,8,* \
LINE2:inaverage\#FF0000:"Download Average" \
LINE2:outaverage\#00FF00:"Upload Average"

but graphique are not very beautiful ;=)

i want add:
    Two colors: Blue and light blue
    full "Area" for each

i want add to a lot of information, actually i have "Download Average" 
and "Upload Average"
without information, i want add:

Download:   Current xx Kbits, Max Kbits, minimum Kbits ...
Upload:   Current xx Kbits, Max Kbits, minimum ...

and after, i want add a "95 percentiles" information, it's possible ?

thanks for your help

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