[rrd-users] Handling VDEFs outside rrdtools

Fredrik Hansen Fredrik.Hansen at qbranch.se
Mon Oct 26 10:24:30 CET 2009

Im using rrdtools to extrapolate and calculate trends for disk full prediction and the calc works as expected.
I get nice graphs showing which date a certain disk is predicted to be at a certain usage level.
Since the amount of rrd's is quite a lot ( around 2100 ),
I need a smoother way to only get results/reports for the drives which have a full disk forecast in the near future. But that implies to have the calculated data scriptable, and I'm wondering if there is a way to run the calculations (LSL-based) and use the results external to rrdtool?
One way could be to store the calculations in another rrd-file and then dump the contents from that to a handy script ?
Another way possible is maybe to directly extract the values from the calculation and output to a script which could create an email alert or something like that.
I'm out of ideas on how to proceed, ie to get data in a VDEF sent outside rrdtools world.
Tips, ideas or rtfm hints are highly appreciated. :)

Fredrik Hansen

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