[rrd-users] overlay plot question

Stefan Parvu stefanparvu14 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 17 21:17:42 CEST 2010

> AREA:cpuu_percent#80808020:"CPU Util"
> AREA:runq_percent#80808020:"Run-q"
> LINE1:cpuu_percent#0000FF
> LINE1:runq_percent#FF0000
> *IF* it works (I didn't try it), then it works because the areas are 
> transparent and their combined value makes the plot darker. Notice how its 4 
> groups of digits, not 3, it has an alpha component: RRGGBBAA.  You can also 
> use RGBA.  Experiment a bit with the color and alpha values.

Yeah, I was thinking to start experimenting a bit with the alpha component.
I have never use it on my plots yet. I will have to see this.

> Using CDEF, if not already a percentage.
> If you get fractions of 1, multiply by 100.
> If you get some value suchs as 75 out of 255, muliply by 100 and divide by 
> 255.
> And so on.
> If you use a value which is not some part of a set maximum, define a sane 
> one yourself and do something like: if value>max*1.1 then percent=110 else 
> percent=100*value/max.  The various tutorials help you with CDEF should it 
> be necessary.

Great. I have to experiment all of these. Later on more details
what I did and what worked and what didnt.

Thanks for help.

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