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John Maslanik maz0717 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 19 16:21:42 CEST 2010

I am having an ongoing problem with my colocation provider.  They generate graphs via RDD tool and use the data to bill their customers.  I am looking for a definitive answer as to what can be happening.

Some additional info / background.  I have been their customer for over 5 years.  About once or twice a year for a period of 24 hours, our graphs max out.  The time the graphs max out coincides with us moving backups from one server to another.  We do this weekly.  Why the internal traffic is being caught by the router is a another topic.  The info is only provided so that you have all the info regarding the problem.  We commit to 3 mbps and are capped at 10 mbps and are connected to a 100 mbps ethernet interface.

Up until a couple of years ago, when the problem occured, our rrd graphs would spike to 100 mbps.  Since we were capped at 10 mbps I would call my customer service and since the traffic was over our capped rate, they would credit me the overage charges.

A few years back, I mrtg to monitor the traffic on all four of the servers I have colocated.  Every time this event happens, it is at the time we transfer data from one server to another on the internal network.  My mrtg graphs clearly show high inbound traffic on one server, and high outbound traffic on the other.

A couple of years ago, they said the "fixed" the problem.  The next time this event happened, my mrtg graphs showed exactly the same thing.  5 minutes of 100 mbps traffic from on server to the other.  My colocation providers graphs showed something totally different.  They showed 10 mbps traffic for nearly a day.

Now I have read rrds docs and tutorials.  They all state that any value over the configured maximum is ignored.  My question is how is it possible for my graphs to be showing 5-10 mins of 100 mbps traffic and my colocation providers graphs show almost 24 hours of 10 mbps traffic?

Thank you in advance,

John Maslanik

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