[rrd-users] Changing the Time Zone of a Graph

Jose Oscar Olivares Ocampo/Mexico/Contr/IBM oscaro at mx1.ibm.com
Sat Apr 24 01:28:27 CEST 2010

     Hello Everybody.

We have an application running on a server with CDT time zone and all the 
graphs are generated using that.
However, all the users are distributed across different Time Zones.

Is there a way to generated the chart based on the user's Time Zone?
I mean, change the x axis labels to contain the information on the user's 
time zone (instead of CDT).
For instance, if a user on EDT ask for a chart on a given day from 6 PM to 
7 PM on EDT, we can convert the time to CDT and use that as the begin and 
end time passed to the rrdgraph; but the x axis labels will show 5 to 6.

The --x-grid allows us to change the labels on the x axis and specify any 
time format, but it is still based on the time zone of the machine that 
runs it (we cannot do operations on the data for the format).
Is it possible to tell the rrdtool to print the time on the x axis with a 
different time zone?

Best Regards!

José Oscar Olivares Ocampo
Infrastructure Tools
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