[rrd-users] Changing the Time Zone of a Graph

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Sat Apr 24 01:46:14 CEST 2010

Set the TZ environment variable in your program.

On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 4:28 PM, Jose Oscar Olivares Ocampo/Mexico/Contr/IBM
<oscaro at mx1.ibm.com> wrote:

>      Hello Everybody.
> We have an application running on a server with CDT time zone and all the
> graphs are generated using that.
> However, all the users are distributed across different Time Zones.
> Is there a way to generated the chart based on the user's Time Zone?
> I mean, change the x axis labels to contain the information on the user's
> time zone (instead of CDT).
> For instance, if a user on EDT ask for a chart on a given day from 6 PM to
> 7 PM on EDT, we can convert the time to CDT and use that as the begin and
> end time passed to the rrdgraph; but the x axis labels will show 5 to 6.
> The --x-grid allows us to change the labels on the x axis and specify any
> time format, but it is still based on the time zone of the machine that runs
> it (we cannot do operations on the data for the format).
> Is it possible to tell the rrdtool to print the time on the x axis with a
> different time zone?
> Best Regards!
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