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James Nunnerley james at webit.co.uk
Mon Aug 23 10:19:45 CEST 2010

Is it possible to have a multiple stack graph? 

I've just added a second disk to one of the servers I monitor, and would like to show the disk usage on both disks. The existing graph shows % usage in a stack (i.e. used and avail), so I thought to show both, I could keep the existing stack, and make the second in a negative form - i.e. so they are either side of the axis... I've put it together, but can't work out why it isn't working... 

/usr/bin/rrdtool graph /var/www/graphs/ -s -1day -a PNG -i -z --alt-y-grid -h 125 -l 0 -u 100 -r \ 
--color SHADEA#EAE9EE --color SHADEB#EAE9EE --color BACK#EAE9EE --vertical-label "partition used %" -t "Disk usage" -b 1024 \ 
DEF:used1=/etc/rrdtool/ DEF:avail1=/etc/rrdtool/ \ 
DEF:used2=/etc/rrdtool/ DEF:avail2=/etc/rrdtool/ \ 
CDEF:total1=used1,avail1,+ CDEF:usedpct1=100,used1,total1,/,* CDEF:availpct1=100,avail1,total1,/,* AREA:usedpct1#4169E1:"used disk" \ 
STACK:availpct1#32CD32:"free disk"\\j CDEF:MBavail1=avail1,1048576,* CDEF:MBused1=used1,1048576,* CDEF:MBtotal1=total1,1048576,* \ 
CDEF:total2=used2,avail2,+ CDEF:usedpct2=100,used2,total2,/,* CDEF:availpct2=100,avail2,total2,/,* CDEF:usedpct2neg=0,usedpct2,- \ 
CDEF:availpct2neg=0,availpct2,- AREA:usedpct2neg#4169E1:"used disk" STACK:availpct2neg#32CD32:"free disk"\\j \ 
CDEF:MBavail2=avail2,1048576,* CDEF:MBused2=used2,1048576,* CDEF:MBtotal2=total2,1048576,* \ 
GPRINT:MBavail1:LAST:"free disk\\: %3.2lf%Sb" GPRINT:MBused1:LAST:"used disk\\: %3.2lf%Sb" GPRINT:MBtotal1:LAST:"total disk\\: %3.2lf%Sb"\\j \ 
GPRINT:usedpct1:MAX:"maximal used disk\\:%3.2lf%%" GPRINT:usedpct1:AVERAGE:"average used disk\\:%3.2lf%%" \ 
GPRINT:usedpct1:LAST:"current used disk\\:%3.2lf%%"\\j GPRINT:availpct1:MAX:"maximal free disk\\:%3.2lf%%" \ 
GPRINT:availpct1:AVERAGE:"average free disk\\:%3.2lf%%" GPRINT:availpct1:LAST:"current free disk\\:%3.2lf%%"\\j \ 
GPRINT:MBavail2:LAST:"free disk\\: %3.2lf%Sb" GPRINT:MBused2:LAST:"used disk\\: %3.2lf%Sb" GPRINT:MBtotal2:LAST:"total disk\\: %3.2lf%Sb"\\j \ 
GPRINT:usedpct2:MAX:"maximal used disk\\:%3.2lf%%" GPRINT:usedpct2:AVERAGE:"average used disk\\:%3.2lf%%" \ 
GPRINT:usedpct2:LAST:"current used disk\\:%3.2lf%%"\\j GPRINT:availpct2:MAX:"maximal free disk\\:%3.2lf%%" \ 
GPRINT:availpct2:AVERAGE:"average free disk\\:%3.2lf%%" GPRINT:availpct2:LAST:"current free disk\\:%3.2lf%%"\\j 

Can anyone shed any light? 

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