[rrd-users] extracting tabular data with rrdgraph

N. Tucker ntucker-collectd at august20th.com
Thu Dec 2 19:04:37 CET 2010

Hi, I'm interested in extracting the tabular data that rrdgraph would
otherwise plot on the graph, much like I'd do with
'rrdtool fetch', but I wish to use rrdgraph's powerful calculation features
to transform the data and generate additional columns.  Is this possible?
>From reading the documentation, I am sometimes given the impression that it
is, and I'm sometimes given the impression it is not.

For example, the manual page says "When you are done fetching and processing
the data, it is time to graph it (or print it)", which implies that there is
some way to simply dump the data out using PRINT statements, but I haven't
managed to figure out how to get PRINT do spit out anything but a single
data point.

Is what I'm trying to do possible, or should I just be using rrdfetch to
dump the data and then do calculations on it myself?  It seems like I should
be able to leverage the considerable data transformation intelligence that's
in rrdgraph without actually generating a graph.

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