[rrd-users] Normalization and NaN (?)

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Dec 23 14:24:30 CET 2010

Derek Simkowiak wrote:

>     My version of that graph *almost* works.  Everything works, 
>except that the "files" count is always NaN.

If your data is NaN then you can't expect to get a sensible graph. 
RDD tools do not care what your values are - it will not mangle one 
DS because it's different in magnitude to others. Nor will graph barf 
on it - as you suggest, it would simply plot the smaller values along 
the axis.

Since you have given zero clue as to what you have defined and what 
you are feeding in, it's impossible to diagnose further.

Can you post :
The command used to create the rrd file.
The values you are updating the file with.
What you get out.
What you expected to get out.

With that information we should be able to help.

Simon Hobson

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