[rrd-users] Storing Static + Dynamic data in rrd

Shameem Ahamed shameem.ahamed at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 25 13:08:49 CET 2010

Is there anyway , I can store both static and dynamic data in rrd.

I want to store the spam count details for all the e-mail accounts.

The format, I am thinking is something like

            -> user1 at domain1.com ->[data]
domain1.com -> user2 at domain1.com ->[data]
            -> user3 at domain1.com ->[data]

            -> user1 at domain2.com ->[data]
domain2.com -> user2 at domain2.com ->[data]
            -> user3 at domain2.com ->[data]

Is it possible ?.  Is there any other rrd tool to achieve this kind of storage ?.


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