[rrd-users] Bug in rrdtool?

u7l11ey at mail.lrz-muenchen.de u7l11ey at mail.lrz-muenchen.de
Sat Jan 2 12:11:08 CET 2010


> On Ubuntu:
> ERROR: malloc im->gdes[gdi].data

This sounds familiar. I had this error on my NSLU2 running Etch and
rrdtool 1.2.15. See my post "Malloc error when creating graph (Debian on
NSLU2/ARM)" and the follow-ups in this list, starting on Feb. 5, 2008. You
should be able to find them in the list archives.

The simplest test case was:

rrdtool create temptest.rrd --start 1201691880 --step 60 \

(No data loaded into the rrdtool database!)

rrdtool graph temptest.png \
--end now --start end-48799 -a PNG -t "Temperaturverlauf 4h" \
--vertical-label "Temperatur °C" \
--width 800 --height 400 \
DEF:aussen=temptest.rrd:AF:AVERAGE \
CDEF:aus=aussen,10,/ \

results in: ERROR: malloc im->gdes[gdi].data

When I change the "start" parameter of the "rrdtool graph" command
to "end-48800" (just one second more!), the expected empty graph is

I never found out the reason for this. The problem went away with the
upgrade to Lenny and rrdtool 1.3.1

Regards, Richard

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