[rrd-users] RRDTools Server and Installing RRDTools in a shared hosting environment

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Sat Jan 9 18:27:37 CET 2010

AllSort ofQuestions wrote:

>I have two questions somehow related to each other. I asking these 
>questions because apparently I can't run rrdtools in a shared hosted 
>envirionmnet. (Linux-REd Hat @Godaddy www.godaddy.com)
>From what I could see they have perl available for their clients but 
>only a limited set of modules, probably the most popular ones, are 
>installed and you can not install your own.

You are unlikely to be able to run any software not already 
supported. On a typical shared web hosting service, the server hosts 
multiple sites all using a common set of software. Whilst I believe 
it should be technically possible to install your own binaries in 
your own storage space, in practice I would expect most shared 
hosting providers to prohibit this (either in their ToS or by 
technical restrictions - typically the server would be configured to 
not execute binaries outside of certain system wide shared 
directories) and this would impact on their more expensive services 
they'd rather you buy if you want to do this.

In my limited experience, the larger the hosting company, the less 
likely they are to be able to accommodate you - with only smaller 
companies with manually (or semi manually) managed servers having the 

Have you tried asking GoDaddy if they have a server with RRD Tools 
installed that they could move your site to ?

Simon Hobson

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