[rrd-users] long DS names

Fred Albrecht Fred.Albrecht at vodacom.co.za
Fri Jul 9 14:53:11 CEST 2010


Is it possible to set the ds names to longer than 20 characters?

Reason:  I have a dump of a vendor rrd file where the ds names are up to 49 chars long.  Does this mean that they hacked the rrd_graph.h file and changed from 20 to some larger value?

An export of such a file keeps the long filenames, but a restore on another box truncates the names.

To do something similar do I need to change only DS_NAM_SIZE, DS_NAM_FMT, DST_FMT, DST_SIZE in rrd_graph.h as in

#define DS_NAM_FMT    "%19[a-zA-Z0-9_-]"
#define DS_NAM_SIZE   60

#define DST_FMT    "%59[A-Z]"
#define DST_SIZE   60

What would I break in my current rrds on my box with the standard rrd implementation?

Please and Thanks


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