[rrd-users] Increase RRA Size

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
Fri May 7 17:35:09 CEST 2010

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> Wow. Thanks everyone for the fast replies.
> Unfortunately "they" want to keep or see graphs for each "fake" 
> consolidation (ie:daily, weekly, etc...).  My 1st attempt was one RRA with 
> no consolation (steps=1) and a years worth of rows.  However Cacti would 
> only create or show one graph.  One RRA = One Graph and as I said "they" 
> wanted to see various graphs ... sigh.  Therefore if I want to add another 
> graph with a 5/10 year span I'd have to create another RRA.  Is it 
> possible ?
> thanks again guys for your time.

Is it possible to add an RRA?  Sure.  I think there's a script available, 
somewhere, but I wouldn't know where.  Google for it, or wait until you get 
an answer from someone who knows.

If you cannot find it: create a new RRD with the properties you want to see, 
dump the old RRD to xml, dump the new RRD to xml, copy the data over from 
old.xml to new.xml (don't forget to also update that new RRA) and restore 
the database from new.xml

Perhaps a viable alternative: Ask a cacti user group or such for help on how 
to display different graphs from the same RRA source. Maybe it isn't 
possible, I don't know, but then again maybe it is and you just don't know 

If you need to keep those RRAs, why not make use of one feature of RRDtool. 
If you want an RRA to display, for instance, 400 days in an image where the 
inner part (the graph part) is 400 pixels wide, setup that RRA so that each 
CDP (Consolidated Data Point) is worth 86400 seconds. That way RRDtool does 
not need to consolidate the data at graph time, saving time when watching 
that data.


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