[rrd-users] Creating a graph averaged over a week

krad kraduk at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 00:46:00 CET 2010


Ok background first, as this isnt as obvious as it sounds.

I'm logging a data feed of my household power consumption. I have got graphs
working fine for the standard fair daily,weekly monthly etc. However they
are bit spiky. Therefore what I would like to do is generate one for a
generic monday, tuesday etc. By this a mean is keep a high resolution of
data over say a 28 day cycle (maybe more). Then generate a day graph that
plots the average value for x time in a day.


add up all the data points for say 09:30:00 on a monday and / 4 and then
plot that point and so on for all of the 4 monday data points.

I would also like a generic weekday, weekend, and week graphs

Is this something rrdtool can do? At the moment I cant see how I could as
all the x axis values would be different as they are time based
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