[rrd-users] Creating a graph averaged over a week

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cool thank you for the pointer, ill let the list know my progress in a week
or so

On 18 November 2010 08:33, Steve Shipway <s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz> wrote:

>  This sounds like the perfect application for the Holt-Winters analysis
> functions in RRDTool.
> If you have RRD version 1.3 or (preferably) 1.4, then you can add
> Holt-Winters RRAs to the RRD file.  These can be set up with a 1-week
> period, and will then give you not only the predicted value that you want,
> but also a confidence band and even a method of highlighting deviations from
> the expected values.
> The documentation on H-W is fairly brief, and its a difficult one to
> understand, but the defaults and example parameters work fairly well.
> Steve
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> Hi,
> Ok background first, as this isnt as obvious as it sounds.
> I'm logging a data feed of my household power consumption. I have got
> graphs working fine for the standard fair daily,weekly monthly etc. However
> they are bit spiky. Therefore what I would like to do is generate one for a
> generic monday, tuesday etc. By this a mean is keep a high resolution of
> data over say a 28 day cycle (maybe more). Then generate a day graph that
> plots the average value for x time in a day.
> ie
> add up all the data points for say 09:30:00 on a monday and / 4 and then
> plot that point and so on for all of the 4 monday data points.
> I would also like a generic weekday, weekend, and week graphs
> Is this something rrdtool can do? At the moment I cant see how I could as
> all the x axis values would be different as they are time based
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