[rrd-users] Graph of rails requests average hour by hour, as a "typical day"

Jérémy Frere jeremy.frere at crisalid.com
Fri Nov 26 11:07:26 CET 2010

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So ... I was saying :

Hello there,

It's my first time using RRDTool, and after struggling for a while with the
docs and some examples found here and there, I can't find a way to do what I
need, which is the following :

I'm running a Ruby on Rails production server through Nginx and Passenger,
and want to know when in the day users are actively using the webservice. So
I looked around a bit and found that RRDTool was fitting perfectly to
generate some graph.

(I know this may not be the best way, as I could analyze Nginx logs for
instance, but the only long running log I have is the Rails one, so this is
not the point)

I have a production.log file, containing the requests details with date/hour
of the request. I easily parsed the lines to get the timestamp of the
request, and managed to of generate graphs of the average requests per hour
on one day, week, month or year. But I couldn't manage to get the average
requests for one "typical day", summarizing the yearly average of requests
in one single day.

That's why I went here, hoping someone could kindly explain to me what I was
doing wrong and how to do what I need. And as I'm sure I've not understood
much of the way RRDTool works, especially the definition of DSs and RRAs,
explanations of the why using this or that counter type and numbers would be
even more appreciated.

Many thanks,

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