[rrd-users] php_rrdtool and rrdcached

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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Provided your php bindings are for RRDTool 1.4.x, you can probably do it by just setting the RRDCACHED_ADDRESS environment variable to the address of your rrdcached socket.  This should make it use the cache daemon -- but your code should probably also test for this variable, and remember to do an rrdflush before any calls to info and last (unless you're using the trunk version of rrdtool), and should either do a flush before  or use the --daemon syntax with the DS definitions in the rrdgraph calls.  Bear in mind that if you're using a TCP socket you'll not be able to use anything other than rrdupdate, rrdfetch and the --daemon syntax in rrdgraph unless you have the trunk version which will also give you rrdfirst, rrdlast, rrdinfo and rrdcreate.


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I am using php_rrdtool to update/fetch data from my rrds.  I am starting to run into performance issues and was hoping to use rrdcached.  Has anyone accessed the rrdcache using php_rrdtool?  I'd love to know how that was done.


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