[rrd-users] Graph per month - is it possible?

Maris Janis Vasilevskis mahris at myself.com
Sun Apr 3 13:12:54 CEST 2011

Thank you, Tobi.

But I do not use expressions anywhere in real tasks.
I placed expressions in code samples to make the text readable.
In my real experiments, only numbers (values of these expressions) are used.


Tobias Oetiker wrote 2011.04.03. 14:04:
> Hi Maris,
> Today Maris Janis Vasilevskis wrote:
>> In following excerpts, I use dates and expressions for readability.
>> In reality, I use only numbers - seconds for step, seconds from epoch for start and end.
>> rrdtool create test.rrd --step 1 --start -2year DS:cpu:GAUGE:600:0:100
>> RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:24*3600:720
>> There are also RRAs for week, hour and minute.
>> To be safe about last year data, I filled database with test values for 2 years (update with step 10 secs).
>> rrtool graph --end now --start end-14month
>> DEF:avr4=test.rrd:cpu:AVERAGE:step=30*24*3600:start=1Apr2010:end=1May2010
>> LINE:avr4#FF0000
>> DEF:avr5=test.rrd:cpu:AVERAGE:step=31*24*3600:start=1May2010:end=1Jun2010
>> LINE:avr5#FF0000
>> ...
>> I get results for some months only, most part of graph is empty.
> cool idea ... but you can not have math expression in the step
> argument, so you must calculte them externally.
> cheers
> tobi

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