[rrd-users] Things not adding up

Jared Watkins jared at jaredwatkins.com
Tue Apr 5 16:44:47 CEST 2011

I'm working on my first custom rrd project and I'm having an issue with
things not adding up correctly in a stacked graph.


I'm most interested in the max values for this data and if you add up all
the individual max values you get a value that's 120.15 greater than the
total printed on the graph both visually and in the gprints.   Here is
another example using only 2 samples:


And the relevant codeŠ

    RRDs::graph "$img/combined-$interval->{label}.png",
        "$interval->{period}", "$interval->{end}",
        "-t DSL Aggerate - $interval->{label}",
        "-h", "$interval->{rezH}", "-w", "$interval->{rezW}",
        "-l 0",
        "-a", "PNG",
        "-v bits/sec",
        "-b", "1000",



        "LINE1:totalout#000000:Total Out     ",
        "GPRINT:totalout:MAX: Max\\: %5.2lf %S",
        "GPRINT:totalout:AVERAGE: Avg\\: %5.2lf %S",
        "GPRINT:totalout:LAST: Current\\: %5.2lf %Sbits/sec\\n",

The data is being collected every 60 seconds and the rras are setup to keep
7 days worth of 1 minute samples and 3 years worth of daily max values for
long term peak trending.   I can't find any reason these shouldn't be adding
up.. and I'm at a loss as to how to fix it.


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