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David Thornton northdot9 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 05:04:13 CEST 2011

I personally like rrdcgi . It does a lot of stuff for you, but allows
you to built the graph exactly as you want it.

You still have to tell it how you want it to make the graph.


It limited¤ but if you can make the graph you want from command line
and just want a web interface to change things like time period and
interface, it might be the tool for you.

If instead you don't want to have to deal with how graphs are made,
then maybe you want a full blown web app that just happens to use rrd
under the hood. For example nagios pnp, cacti, cricket, or mrtg +
14all.cgi, opennms, groundworks... Hm I'm rambling.

David Thornton

¤ I was unable to build a graph with 100s of ds. I did not spend
anytime trying to figure out if it was an rrd issue, an rrdcgi issue,
or an issue with anyone of the various libraries that rrd uses. Ymmv

On 8/10/11, Kevin P. Foote <kpfoote at iup.edu> wrote:
> You need a cgi because you want the graph built on-the-fly ..
> There are tons of examples out and about.
> I usually build a cgi for a specific graph .. say wireless traffic using
> only the rrd files that are needed for that graph. I usually code it
> quickly in perl using the perl CGI lib. Alternatively you can do this in
> your language of choice .. of course :-)
> ------
> thanks
>   kevin.foote
> On Wed, 10 Aug 2011, fadwa salam wrote:
> -> Hello,
> -> Thank you for your answer Kevin.
> -> My problem it's how to use cgi .
> -> i thought to send a general message ,because may be there is another way.
> ->
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