[rrd-users] counting pellets with rrd

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Fri Dec 16 09:03:58 CET 2011

Today Simon Hobson wrote:

> Matthias Lemke wrote:
> >  > Another issue is that rrd works in UTC, so the "days" it will work
> >>  with are not the same as your local days. You just need to be aware
> >>  of that.
> >
> >Will there be a fix? I see, that rrd starts new day at 1 am, thats 0 utc :)
> Please stay on-list.
> It's come up before, and basically - it's not broken, as in it does
> what it's designed to do. Once you introduce working on local time,
> you create all sorts of problems. Not least of those is how you
> handle daylight savings. Either your 'day' is an hour (for most
> people) out for half the year, or you have some days which are 23 or
> 25 hours long.
> One workaround is to store data at one hour resolution. Then graph it
> such that the end time is midnight local, and the scale is such that
> 24 1-hour samples are consolidated into one pixel.

I had posted this idea the other day, but did not get any response:



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