[rrd-users] Can a graph be created that aggregates a set of (identically structured) rrd files?

Jeff Gilmore jeff at thegilmores.net
Fri Jul 8 16:55:15 CEST 2011

Perfect, just what I needed.  

I knew this slick software would be up to the task...

On Jul 7, 2011, at 9:13 PM, Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

>> Hi folks,
>> 	I am new to RRD and still trying to wrap my mind around the power of this
>> excellent tool.  I am working on an application to use RRD to store
>> electricity meter data for a group of homes.  I am expecting to create an
>> RRD file for each home, and it will have a number of RRA's defined for
>> various time periods.
> Good. I suggest you store Joules, or kilowatthours.
>> In addition to displaying the individual house data graphs, I would like
>> to also create graphs that show aggregated results drawn from the house
>> RRD files.  For example, I might show the combined power draw in watts for
>> the 8 homes that make up a quadrant of my neighborhood, or show the total
>> power draw from all 30 homes.
>> Is there a reasonably-straightforward way to do this in RRD?
> DEF:meter1=/home/user/data/rrd/house1.rrd:meter:AVERAGE
> DEF:meter2=/home/user/data/rrd/house2.rrd:meter:AVERAGE
> DEF:meter3=/home/user/data/rrd/house3.rrd:meter:AVERAGE
> [...]
> CDEF:total=meter1,meter2,meter3....
> [...]
> LINE1:total#000:total
> There are several things to improve in this (incomplete) example, but what
> I show here is the answer to your question: how to combine data from
> several sources.
> Another example (using the same DEFs):
> [...]
> AREA:meter1#F00
> AREA:meter2#FC0::STACK
> AREA:meter3#0C0::STACK
> AREA:meter4#F00::STACK
> [...]
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