[rrd-users] rpn expressions without DEF or CDEF Variables are nor supported

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Sun Jul 24 23:45:07 CEST 2011


CDEF:pump=4,0,GT,INF,0,IF AREA:pump#99ffff:"Pumpe" 


You are attempting to redefine the value of 4, so things are getting a bit
confused.  When you use a DEF to define a new variable, you cannot call this
variable ‘4’ since that causes confusion.  This will work:



CDEF:pump=xxxx,0,GT,INF,0,IF AREA:pump#99ffff:"Pumpe" 


But if you use ‘4’ instead of ‘xxxx’ then the DEF seems to work (it should
really produce a syntax error for a disallowed DEF name!) and then the CDEF
fails because it thinks the ‘4’ is a number, not the previous DEF, and so
there are no variables in the RPN.


I would say this is a minor bug in RRDTool (which version are you using?) in
that the syntax checker choked on the CDEF rather than the DEF, but really
it is a user error as the DEF is certainly wrong J





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I am getting an “rpn expressions without DEF or CDEF Variables are nor

I located the error in one of the 2 red lines but could not find out how to
fix it.

Can anybody gif me some helping hands?


/usr/bin/rrdtool graph /var/www/owserver2/brenner_week.png --start -1week 


LINE1:1#FF9900:"Vorlauf               " 





GPRINT:max1:MAX:"Maximum.\: %4.1lf %SC  "   

GPRINT:min1:MIN:"Minimum.\: %4.1lf %SC\l" 



LINE1:2#48C4EC:"Rücklauf             " 





GPRINT:max2:MAX:"Maximum.\: %4.1lf %SC  "   

GPRINT:min2:MIN:"Minimum.\: %4.1lf %SC\l"



LINE1:3#008000:"Aussentemperatur      " 





GPRINT:max3:MAX:"Maximum.\: %4.1lf %SC  "   

GPRINT:min3:MIN:"Minimum.\: %4.1lf %SC\l" 



CDEF:pump=4,0,GT,INF,0,IF AREA:pump#99ffff:"Pumpe" 


-h 360 -w 620 -y1:2 --color GRID#dddddd --color MGRID#aaaaaa --color
CANVAS#eeeeee HRULE:60#ababab 




Marc Tobien




Marc Tobien 

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