[rrd-users] About Ticket 270

Alejandro Galue agalue at sync.com.ve
Fri Mar 4 22:14:11 CET 2011


I'm experiencing the problem described here:

That happens ONLY with RRDtool 1.4.4 and 1.4.5 over CentOS 5.5 x86_64.

The error ONLY happens if you try to execute the command "rrdtool graph" using --imgformat SVG (or --imgformat PDF).

The important thing here is that recent linux distributions like Fedora, Ubuntu and even MacOS X (which have a more recent version of cairo library) don't experience that problem. That only happens on CentOS, at least for me and the person who opened that bug.

Any workaround ?

Upgrading pango/cairo could solve the problem ?
If yes, can anyone guide me on how to do that on CentOS 5.5, without break something else ?


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