[rrd-users] Possible Bug?

Chris Carpenter mordocai at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 15:57:42 CEST 2011


I use the program Cacti which uses rrdtool to provide graphs of data. I had
a graph that Cacti was updating for me, but I wanted to add some historical
data to it, generated by a script. I figured out a method to do this (create
a new graph with [nearly] identical settings and then use rrd update to put
in the historical data, following it by the new data pulled from the Cacti
graph). However, when rrdtool tries to graph it with cacti's graph command
for Yearly data I get an error and crash, which is different depending on
what version I'm using. My server uses rrdtool 1.2.7 and it had a invalid
pointer/memory corruption error and crashed. I tried the same procedure on
my desktop using rrdtool 1.4.4 and got a Segmentation fault and no other

I'm not sure whether your mailing list takes attachments, so if you would
just go to my cacti forum post
is a lot more detailed information, as well as the graph
file(generated using the historical+new data) that is causing these issues.
As you can see if you read the full thread, Gandalf(cacti developer)
recommended that I report this issue as a bug on this mailing list.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do on my end to workaround
and/or fix this issue, as my boss really wants that graph with historical

Chris Carpenter(mordocai)
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