[rrd-users] Restore and merge from backup

Christian Theune ct at gocept.com
Thu May 26 17:32:13 CEST 2011


we're currently trying to restore RRD databases after having had a 
disaster on the machine that we run pnp4nagios on.

To get back on track quickly we got our Nagios and pnp4nagios set up 
before getting to recover the data (the backup server was identical to 
the Nagios server at that time ...).

We're now facing the issue that although the RRDs are similar in 
structure there seems to be no way to re-integrate the old RRDs' data 
into the new ones.  We'd like to do that so that we only show a few 
hours gap instead of days.

I tried various tools that are floating around (the perl thingy doesn't 
seem to work at all and I bashed away at rrd-merge-py but that didn't 
lead anywhere either as I don't have a deep understanding of the data 
formats involved).

As the documentation and Google are also pretty silent: is there a story 
that I'm missing about restoring and merging data from a backup into a 
(compatible) RRD that already started storing new data?

I'm providing two sample RRDs for your inspiration and any help or 
pointer would be appreciated:



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