[rrd-users] Data are stored as floating point

Yu Watanabe yu.watanabe at jp.fujitsu.com
Fri Nov 11 09:41:19 CET 2011

Hello Simon.

Thank very much for the reply.

I will take a look at the turorial.

Yu Watanabe

Simon Hobson さんは書きました:
>Yu Watanabe wrote:
>>I as monitoring the CPU utilization for Blucoat network device 
>>The value is suppose to be an integer but when it is updated into 
>>the rrd file,
>>it turns into the floating point , or double. I want to know the reason but
>>bit struggling.
>RRD does ***NOT*** store the values you put in
>**EVERYTHING** you feed in is normalised and consolidated, and I 
>really do mean everything. The only "exception" is if you feed in 
>your data under very precise conditions such that the normalisation 
>(which still happens) is a null operation. In the general case, what 
>you put in will not be what comes out.
>That is by design and suits the primary purpose for which the tool 
>was written. If you need a tool where what you get out is what you 
>put in (eg integers at irregular intervals) then RRD is not the right 
>tool for your task.
>I suggest you read Alex's excellent tutorials, paying particular note 
>of "Rates, normalizing and consolidating", then I think you'll 
>Simon Hobson
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