[rrd-users] Direct RRA updates

Milan Krčmář krcmar at datinel.cz
Sun Nov 13 20:23:27 CET 2011

At first, thank you for such a fast reply!

> or if you want to go even further, set the MRHB
> to 60s and then supply three fake updates, 1s min, 1s max and a
> large 58s with whatever is necessary to create the right average

This was my very first idea but I haven't dared to even send it to
this list. Sould this "ugly tripple update" be approved by You, Tobi,
I am going to use it :-)

>> A side note: why, under usual conditions (not the example above),
>> should I define RRAs with steps=1 for all the aggregates I want to
>> then use with steps>1? (examine any RRD file with "rrdtool info" to
>> see several RRAs with steps=1). RRA with steps=1 does not consolidate
>> data, it only stores them: it is enough to have only one such a RRA...
> yes it is enough ...

So is it a common mistake of scripts built upon rrdtool to define
several RRAs with steps=1? Will the "rrdtool graph" take (for example)
data from RRA:AVERAGE::1 when requested to draw recent MAX of a DS
(and there is no RRA:MAX::1 present)?


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