[rrd-users] Direct RRA updates

Milan Krčmář krcmar at datinel.cz
Sun Nov 13 20:23:58 CET 2011

> That is what you would need to do.
> Set your step to 1 second, update as often as your program allows,
> and then have a consolidation for 60 second periods. You would then
> get 1 minute reporting periods, each with a min/max/average for the
> 60 x 1s step times it contains.

This is something I would like to avoid. I am not interested in all
the 60 values, only MIN, MAX and AVERAGE of them.

In particular, I want to use this in the collectd software (I am just
considering to adapt it to my needs), which works in a distributed
way: tens/hundreds hosts actually measure the statistics and send them
via network to a central daemon, which stores the data to RRD files.
There is no reason for sending all the 60 values over network...

Imagine the scenario with PINGs: I am, in general, interested in
average values, which the collectd gathers now for every minute, but I
would also like to see short-time peaks in network latency, which
would otherwise get lost by the "minute-averaging" algorithm (although
they would appear in a "minute-maximizing" data).


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