[rrd-users] rrd->update from an array of values

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Ah..thanks, yes that did it.

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> I've got a perl script using rrd::simple that queries a list of hosts and
> grabs several values.  I want to take that array and dice it up to populate
> the "rrd->update ( )" structure, but I can't seem to get it right.

This is just off the top of my head, but this should do what you're after, provided the RRD file actually has the specified datasource names in it.

# using RRDs
%values = { ds0=>$value0, ds1=>$value1, ds2=>$value2 };
$timestamp = 'N'; # or use a specific time
$rrdfilename = 'filename.rrd'; # must be already created
RRDs::update( $rrdfilename, '--template', (join ':',(keys %values)), 
"$timestamp:".(join ':',(map {$values{$_}?},(keys %values)))

# Or, using RRD::Simple
@values = ( "ds0:$value0","ds1:$value1","ds2:$value2");
%values = ();
foreach ( @values ) { $values{$1}=$2 if(/(\S+):(\S+)/); }
$rrd->update( %values );


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