[rrd-users] SVG interaction on RRDs graphs

Richard Wall richard at the-moon.net
Fri Sep 2 15:43:34 CEST 2011

On 2 September 2011 14:20, nbelorgey <nicolas.belorgey at arumtec.net> wrote:
> The javascript graphing is huge !!!
> This is fast, clear and efficient. The zoom is really user friendly &
> impressive...

Yep, it's very cool. Manuel Luis did all the hard work- he originally
posted about it on the Collectd mailing  list a few months ago.

> But in our case, some graphs will stack between 20-* elements that are
> stored in ~6 MB RRDs. ( We're stacking VMs performance métrics on VMware
> Clusters)
> And we have around 4-12 graph per page...  This will make for 25 VMs 25*12*6
> ~ 1800 MB to download ?
> The client canno't download and process so much data
> That's why it has to be server site processed...


> Is there in your roadmap an ajax version that process on the server side and
> return only needed information for graphing purpose ?

I haven't heard from Manuel Luis since since submitting my merge
request on Github, but there's nothing to stop us modifying jsrrdgraph
as we see fit.

My first goal is to integrate it with my Jarmon graphing
system....which currently uses javascriptRRD and Flot.
 * https://launchpad.net/jarmon

I quite like the fact that all the processing is done client
side....especially when relatively few RRDs are served with HTTP Gzip

I had thought that it might be possible to create a Javascript RRD
proxy that used XHR and byte range requests to examine the header in a
remote RRD file then download the required portion of data from the
remote RRD file.


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