[rrd-users] Changing data collection rate in an existing file

Brent Barr b.barr at f5.com
Wed Apr 11 20:38:04 CEST 2012

I have over a year of data for my systems at a 5 minute sample rate. I'd like to change to collecting data every minute, but would rather not end up with new rrd files where I have a before/after problem when I'm charting data.

My problem is that if I am collecting data every minute, I want to collect and store 5x the data too so I still have the high accuracy data for three months.  So I can't just change the step size in the .xml dump and restore it, I think I'd have to make some serious changes to the database file too.

Or is there a way to move data from one file to another?  I have another rrd setup with the correct step and enough locations for the faster collection rate. Can I grab the data from the old file and drop it in the new one somehow?  Maybe using the fetch and update commands and a loop?

Thanks for any help-
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