[rrd-users] SQL Data VIEW and RRDtool

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Feb 9 23:01:06 CET 2012

lcsmdq wrote:

>Hi, im novice in RRDtool; i want to graph some information quantity/time from
>a SQL view. in thats graphs i'll see per hour/day/month/year like historical
>info. which is the best front-end to do that???

RRD is (probably) not the tool for your needs. RRD is both a set of 
tools and a specific database format (the Round Robin Database). The 
database is specifically designed for the type of tasks it was 
originally written to, and obviously the front end tools are designed 
to work with it.

The only way to graph your SQL data with RRD would be to export the 
data, import it into an RRD file, and then graph it. After that, 
you'd need to either start from scratch each time, or figure a way to 
export only new data for import into the RRD file.
Note that RRD does not support "random access" for updates - updates 
can only ever move forwards in time. Ie, your updates must always be 
in ascending cronological sequence irrespective of where the data 
comes from.

You can however add historical data - provided you start with the 
earliest data and work forwards.

If you want to graph direct from your SQL data, then there are other 
tools available - GNUPlot comes to mind but I've never used it myself.
Simon Hobson

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