[rrd-users] SQL Data VIEW and RRDtool

Emre Aydın emraydin at gmail.com
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Other than gnuplot, you can always use libraries for your favorite
language. For me that'd be Python, so each time I need to graph such thing
from an SQL, I connect to my SQL via some library (or directly export it?)
and then plot it via matplotlib.

So I basically agree with Simon, RRDtool isn't the tool for your needs in
this case.

On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 12:01 AM, Simon Hobson <linux at thehobsons.co.uk>wrote:

> lcsmdq wrote:
> >Hi, im novice in RRDtool; i want to graph some information quantity/time
> from
> >a SQL view. in thats graphs i'll see per hour/day/month/year like
> historical
> >info. which is the best front-end to do that???
> RRD is (probably) not the tool for your needs. RRD is both a set of
> tools and a specific database format (the Round Robin Database). The
> database is specifically designed for the type of tasks it was
> originally written to, and obviously the front end tools are designed
> to work with it.
> The only way to graph your SQL data with RRD would be to export the
> data, import it into an RRD file, and then graph it. After that,
> you'd need to either start from scratch each time, or figure a way to
> export only new data for import into the RRD file.
> Note that RRD does not support "random access" for updates - updates
> can only ever move forwards in time. Ie, your updates must always be
> in ascending cronological sequence irrespective of where the data
> comes from.
> You can however add historical data - provided you start with the
> earliest data and work forwards.
> If you want to graph direct from your SQL data, then there are other
> tools available - GNUPlot comes to mind but I've never used it myself.
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