[rrd-users] MS SQL connector to rrdtool?

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Jan 6 08:57:45 CET 2012

timt wrote:

>I wonder if there is a way to automatically transfer data kept in rrdtool to
>MS SQL? Ideally, it would be a connector to rrdtool but a mirroring,
>synchronizing, or even export/import utility I could set up as a cron job
>would be fine.

It might help if you gave some idea of why you want to do this, and 
what data you want. Eg, were you just wanting one or two 
consolidations, the raw data, something else ?

AFAIK there are no such connection facilities - so you'd need to 
export data and import it to the foreign system. Using RRD tool 
fetch, you can only extract data from the RRAs you've defined - it 
doesn't do on the fly consolidation like RRD tool graph does. IIRC 
RRD tool export simply dumps the database in XML.

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