[rrd-users] MS SQL connector to rrdtool?

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Fri Jan 6 09:14:58 CET 2012

Today Simon Hobson wrote:

> timt wrote:
> >I wonder if there is a way to automatically transfer data kept in rrdtool to
> >MS SQL? Ideally, it would be a connector to rrdtool but a mirroring,
> >synchronizing, or even export/import utility I could set up as a cron job
> >would be fine.
> It might help if you gave some idea of why you want to do this, and
> what data you want. Eg, were you just wanting one or two
> consolidations, the raw data, something else ?
> AFAIK there are no such connection facilities - so you'd need to
> export data and import it to the foreign system. Using RRD tool
> fetch, you can only extract data from the RRAs you've defined - it
> doesn't do on the fly consolidation like RRD tool graph does. IIRC
> RRD tool export simply dumps the database in XML.

you may want to use rrdtool xport to get at the consolidated data
.... I guess mssql is able to pull data in xml format some how ...



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