[rrd-users] Incremental backup rrd file

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Jul 17 05:44:33 CEST 2012

I have a patch for rrdcached I n1.4.trunk that allows chaining, IE, you
write to rrdcached on machine A, it writes to RRD files on machine A, but
also copies the update on to rrdcached on machine B which updates
corresponding RRD files there as well.


However this is not yet fully tidied up and integrated with trunk, due to
questions about how it should behave if machine B is down, and what it
should do with the other functions (create, info, fetch, etc)


Might be worth revisiting… Ive not been able to look at it for many months
due to work pressures.





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Hi,Simon Hobson,


   thank you repleay.

1\ rsync,is a good sync file tools. but i think is not for me question.

because: when i update some data to rrd file,the file is status is
'changed',so rsync need transfer the complete file .Is my analysis correct?

so ,I think use rsync is not Reduced my netflow.




2\rrdcached,I just read it's doc.i think it maybe meet my needs.

but need i write many script..... so terrible 








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ccddtt wrote:

>I had some rrd files more than 300M,need bakup to remote  server every day.

>I use VPN access the remote server,the link  is very slow.

>who can tell me how to incremental backup the rrd file ?


>i think maybe like this:i can back that day rrd data(not need other 

>day),and put to remote server,and iput the bak data to rrd file.

rsync is the first tool that comes to mind.

Alternatively, you could consider using rrdcached and write the data 

to a second RRD file on the remote system.


Simon Hobson

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