[rrd-users] rrdcached communication via socket.

Aramis aramis at pop-pr.rnp.br
Tue Jul 17 18:00:17 CEST 2012

Hi Stephan,

> With help from Steve Shipway I managed to configure and run rrdcached
> like this:
>     ${SDRREP_ROOT}/bin/rrdcached -s sdr -w60 \
>        -l unix:${SDRREP_ROOT}/var/cache/rrdcached/rrdcached.sock \
>        -j ${SDRREP_ROOT}/var/cache/rrdcached/journal -F \
>        -b $BASEDIR
> I make sure it runs as my username, sdr and the journal and all rrd files
> really belong to sdr. Including the socket file. Make sure thats the case.
> Shouldnt all files belong to the rrdcached user. I think so.

I checked permissions, ownerships, etc, and the daemon seems to be 
running fine AND receiving updates, but RRD files are still not being 
written. And I think I (finally) found out why.

When updating rrd files I get no errors, but when I manually flush data, 
the following occurs:

Jul 17 12:33:39 host rrdcached[25309]: queue_thread_main: rrd_update_r 
(/tmp/test.rrd) failed with status -1. (mmaping file '/tmp/test.rrd': 
Invalid argument)

I am updating using RRDs perl module, this way:

RRDs::update (

And I get no errors using RRDs:error.

I still need some help. Am I calling the update function correctly?
(it is correct according manual)

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