[rrd-users] Disabling Last Update

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 19:44:24 CET 2012

Wesley Wyche wrote:
>I'll try a mock up where I submit using MY time values in sequence and see if
>it accepts it.  As long as it will accept values in the PAST (but just later
>than the last PAST value) then we are good to go.  I can make it work using
>that concept.

It will, you can use any timestamps you want - you just can't go 
backwards in time.

>I was just seeing (before as i recall), that it would NOT accept values
>older than the last current timestamp.  So, if I started with a 1352393972
>as the first value submitted but NOW was 1352394572 (for example, 10 minutes
>difference...the lag), then an update using the time value of 1352393992 (20
>seconds later in the sample time), it would complain and reject it stating
>that the value was prior to the last update value.
>Maybe I was mistaken and i fed in a time value that was indeed older (less
>than 1352393972).

That's more likely - testing these things can be "a bit tricky" at times !
I vaguely recall some serious head scratching at times, just 
"knowing" I'm right, and then finding I'd overlooked something really 
obvious :(

Simon Hobson

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